Age of Arcana

The Second Death of Lady Elrenna

The Party dispatches the banshee Lady Elrenna.

The party stands within the elven tomb within the dead forests west of Wakefield, three specters dead by their hand. Saje, the half-elven rogue, collapses against a wall, pale and sickly with drooping eyes and a clamminess to her skin. The bard Ophinora rushes over and checks on her, deciding through her knowledge of the arcane that Saje is suffering from a soul sickness after the specters used their leeching touch to momentarily separate her soul from her body. Leaving their rogue to rest, the group investigates the rest of the tomb.

A few minutes pass before Saje has fallen into unconsciousness. A few minutes more, and her head lifts and her colorless, empty eyes open. She speaks, her voice overlayed with an ethereal sound outside of the mortal realm. "You have disturbed my tomb. A piece of me is missing. Give it back." The party questions further, revealing the spirit possessing Saje to be none other than Lady Elrenna, ruler over the forests around them centuries before, as well as the fact that the hobgoblin corpse laying upon the floor of the tomb held the "Piece" of her that was missing – A medallion of the Bastion of Dergomal, holding a single soul gem in its center. Little more is decided as the banshee fails in tricking the party to return the piece to her with deceptions of safety.

The party refuses to take the bait, and a fight ensues, with the banshee's form rising from her sarcophagus at the far end of the tomb as the tomb's doors slam and seal shut. The battle lasts mere moments, with her necrotic claws wrenching life from the party's bones, and the party using holy oils to combat the undead spirit. The changeling gunslinger Dox is the one to finish Lady Elrenna off with his pistol in her wailing maw and an infused holy bullet piercing through the back of her throat, sending ripples of holy energy that shatter her spirit to the astral winds.

The party lays down to rest for the remainder of the night, with the kenku investigator known for the sound of a Ticking Clock alerting the rest of the group to Saje's awakening. Saje has recovered remarkably well, and the group decides to investigate the banshee's sarcophagus. Breaking a trap set within the lid and prying it open with Ticking Clock's crowbar, the party discovers several pieces of jewelry – Among them a silver ring set with a moonstone, matching the locket they found within Prospector's Watch. To the kenku's knowledge, he remembers the story of a locket, a ring, and a mirror, together unlocking something hidden to the mists of time. The party discovers a false bottom to the sarcophagus, revealing a vault beneath filled with thousands of coins and several useful magical items.

As the party readies to leave, an elven ranger by the name of Lelantis has heard the wailing of the banshee from miles away, and left to investigate. Arriving upon the closed tomb with a cemetery filled with scattered elven bones and opened graves, her attempts to enter the tomb. After a short discussion across the heavily closed doors, the party manages to open them, speak with the elven ranger, and leave for town once more, joined by Lelantis.

As the party leaves the forest, they are ambushed at the tree line – A group of goblins with a hobgoblin at their head with similar gear to the two hobgoblins they've already found. The hobgoblin accuses the party of murdering both the hobgoblin at the tower, and the hobgoblin at the tomb. The bard attempts to talk down the hobgoblin as the goblins around him take aim with their bows at the various members of the party. The discussion becomes heated, with the hobgoblin demanding both the medallion that held the soul gem from the hobgoblin within the tomb, and a magical harp that the bard had found within the vault beneath it. She refuses, and a fight breaks out. The party dispatches the hobgoblin easily, as well as one goblin scout, and the four remaining goblins flee in separate directions. The party is left with little choice but to return to town with the news.

The party returns to town after midnight, heading to the Hungry Badger and informing the innkeeper there, Cailyn, also a member of the council, that the undead problem had been solved. They are given free room and board for the night until they are able to report to council head Abeth. Before heading to bed, the bard Ophinora attempts to find some company for the night, failing miserably with a young guardsman who suspects she is trying to pick his pocket. She returns to the inn alone and defeated as the rest of the party rests comfortably in their own rooms.



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