Age of Arcana

The End
The party returns to town and, after all that has happened, decide their adventures together have come to a close.

As the party returns to the town, guards stop them at the entrance and lead them to the council chambers, where an emergency meeting has been issued. Abeth Daleheart sits in the center of the curved table, with three of four remaining council members beside her – Cailyn Deri, innkeep of the Hungry Badger sits immediately to her right, alone with an empty seat beside him, and geared in full plate armor of beautiful elven craftsmanship. A lithe, but powerfully built, long-haired and fuzzy-bearded half-orc with dark, almost soil-colored skin sits to her left, geared in leather armors perfectly matching the foliage of the living forest to the east. A young human woman with a pixie cut and tan skin sits to the half-orcs side, dressed in fine, colorful clothing belying a performer's tastes. From rumors around the town, you know the half-orc to be Volukh Zhagarr, a famous ranger of the area with ties to the orcish clans of the eastern mountains who once adventured with Abeth and Cailyn, and the young woman to be Lila Retsk, an incredible bard in her own right, and daughter to the woman who had also adventured with the council's group.
Immediately upon entering the council chambers, the conversations cease and Abeth stands in a fury. A loud bang resounds through the chamber as Abeth's fists meet the table's surface, sure to have at least dented the wood beneath them. "What did you DO!?" Her normally poised and elegant speech cracks with the sentence, a harsh and terrible sound emitting from her throat. Cailyn's hand, then, lies softly on the halfling woman's shoulder, who takes a deep breath to calm herself, and slowly, with a measure of her former grace returning, she sits and asks again. Quieter, this time, and with the elegance and poise returning – "What did you do?"
Explaining yourselves, with or without a spokesperson and with or without the same elegance, you tell the tale of your adventure to and into the fort. You inform her of your infiltration of the fortress, and your battle within. When you mention the erinyes, Abeth's demeanor seems to crack once again, but she reigns it in with more success than she had previously.
"That's why the beacon was fired, then. A prisoner escaped, and a demonic incursion was felt by the fort's defences."
Volukh speaks up with a deep, and resonant speech almost despite his orcish heritage, "We should inform Alshara. They may not have seen the beacon with their own defenses in place."
"We'll discuss that at a later date. First, where did the erinyes escape to, what was she doing, and how did you get away?"
You continue your story, informing her the erinyes had little memory of her former life, or at least seemed not to, and had actually assisted you in returning to the town. At this, the council is shocked, save Lila.
"Clearly the devil has plans for you, or for the town, and wanted you to return. Did she leave anything with you? Did she use her magic on you in any way?" Her voice, while clear and musical, has a slightly rough effect to it, as if she'd been smoking for thirty years despite being in her early twenties.
In the seconds it takes you to answer, you decide… To lie. Whether this was an effect of the devil herself, or a personal decision of your own free will, you aren't certain, but in the end you decide to withhold the existence of the rune on Ticking Clock's hand, or the magic she'd worked on the lute, and the various other magics she'd expended to your wellbeing. You inform the council that, as far as you knew, she had done nothing but aided you in your return home, without magical interference upon your person.
The council, regardless of their belief of these statements, concedes to your record of honesty, and the conversation changes to other things. After another two hours of debriefing, you learn the truth of the fortress you had just escaped.
Fort Daleheart, Abeth informs you, was built in the time of the Empire, by her ancestors. It was built as a bulwark against extra-planar influence, and had been successful in that regard until her ancestors had been deceived and slaughtered, save her great grandfather who had escaped.
Regardless of what you knew of Abeth's apparent deceptions against you, you decide it best not to bring up. At the end of this however, as Abeth requests of you your continued support in the coming conflict with Dergomal, you reconsider. Through-out all of this, as you worked in the interests of the town and council as expected of you, you had received nothing but suspicion and deception in the end. Though your purses hang heavy, you decide it best to turn away and find other pastures. The council concedes, and with the retrieval of the original copy of the Writ of Action, you are dismissed from your service to the Council and Town of Waekefield, and left to go on your way.

Leaving the council chambers with slightly heavier purses than when you entered. As you head for the inn and awake the next morning to a bustling inn and sit together at breakfast, you discuss amongst yourselves where you are headed.

Ticking Clock still has his mysteries to solve, and upon small chit-chat with a guard, learns of a somewhat familar name… A former colleague of his master, one Asher Vez. Asher Vez is the remaining council member, an older gentleman and cleric of Aejuna, the goddess of the moon. The name is familiar, and indeed was a major contact of Ticking Clock's master. Asher Vez was last seen on his way back to town from an expedition into the dead forest to the west, but had disappeared upon contact with a certain grove of trees within the plains.

Dox arrives in town the next morning to find his hound bounding towards him a mile out from town, tackling him to the ground and, after a bath of slobber, leads him back to the inn where he finds the group in their current state. Learning of what has occurred from the rest of the group, it occurs to him he has his own contacts to check up on, but thus far the town has been particularly profitable for him… And he still holds his own copy of the Writ of Action, thanks to his efforts in forgery. He also still has a former colleague missing somewhere in the forests to the east, and hears from the rest of the group about Volukh Zhaggar, ranger of those woods.

Lelantis is free to return to his people, and his duties as ranger of the elves. Free to hold the circlet of intelligence he'd been gifted by the rest of the group, and his mind cleared of previously held prejudice, he finds himself at an impasse – Return to his former life, surrounded by those who held the same prejudices he once had, or stay and assist the town in their efforts to push back the Hobgoblin nation to their north, and the rising infernals to the east?

Saje is left to wonder her own new circumstances – She was the one to bring the group together, after all, with her interest in the bounty board. She has her own quests to fulfill, with a family to avenge and a history to uncover. The town still remains a possible home for her if she should wish it in the meantime, but she has been on the road for long enough and remembers the city streets with an odd sense of nostalgia despite the terrible conditions of her childhood there.

Ophinora holds a cursed lute she still must purify, and a road that calls her name. A small town is no place for a performer to remain for long, and her own storied and secret past remains ever looming behind her, ever ready to claw its way back into her present. A sense of forboding fills her heart, and little in the way of her current company or her lack of place in such a small town gives her comfort against it. Her feet itch beneath her boots to be on her way once again, though the group informs her she's welcome to travel with any of them.

Ultimately, the hands of the council splinter and go their separate ways. Some may stay, some may go, and some may find their way some other direction all together. The campaign draws to a close, and the players take their bow, but the story remains, to the very end.

Infiltration of Fort Daleheart
An attempt on the fort quick spirals out of control...

The day is 16th of Market, PI 53.

The party wakes at dawn within the boughs of an old oak tree, centered in a small glade within the planes of Dergomal, south of their destination Fort Daleheart. As they wake, the land is filled with fog and mist, and a lone figure stands within the glade, shrouded within. Ticking Clock and Dox descend from the tree to flank the figure, walking along the outer edge of the glade. As they pass the trees, however, they feel their feet held to the ground, long vines grabbing at their ankles, slowing their movement but not fully stopping them. As they look away from their feet, they see the figure before them, feminine in shape, and looking directly at them to either side. Giving up the ruse, Ticking Clock stabs his swordcane into the ground and offers his hands to the sky in a gesture of peace. Dox follows suit with his own hands, and the figure looks into the tree to the rest of the party. As the party descends, the fog begins to clear.

"Who are you, that rests within my glade?" The voice is quiet but clearly audible above the sounds of morning, with an echoing quality as if the speaker was not quite there, but all around them. Lelantis, the elven ranger, steps forward.
"We are a small group out of Waekefield, we are heading for Fort Daleheart, to the north."
"And who were they?" She gestures to the gorey mess that is the remains of the hobgoblins from the night before. The figure is clearly visible, now, as the fog and mist swirls out from around her. An elven woman in figure only, her skin is layered in foliage of leaves, vines, and wood. A dryad.
"They were a hobgoblin patrol, meant to do us harm. We had to kill them and dispose of the bodies."
The dryad, considering the elven ranger before her and the group within her glade, gives a nod. "Any who mean to do harm to a member of the elves is an enemy of mine. Should another enter my glade, they will not leave it."
Lelantis gives a thankful bow, and the dryad steps back from the party, dispersing in the air.

With the dryad appeased and all rested, the party returns to their horses and ride for the fortress once more. After three hours, the party crests a large hill, and their quarry stands before them.

A large fortress sitting upon a cliff face some 30 feet high, with walls standing three stories, sectioned by towers standing four or five stories tall. Two rivers flank the fortress upon its hill, the western river cutting through the rest of the hill and forming a canyon before the gatehouse on the opposite side from the party.

Dox is sent to investigate the fortress and possible routes inside, choosing the canyon running along the western side. Finding no way in save small sewage tunnels barely large enough for their kenku companion's head, Dox returns and the party decides to scale the wall. Using her magic harp to grant him the ability to fly, and again to change the weather towards a more overcast and stormy setting, Dox uses his racial ability to shift into a Hobgoblin officer, dressed in the armor of those they had killed the night before. The changeling flies up towards the top of the battlements, ties off the rope on a crenellation, and stands guard as a patrol passes by without issue. The rest of the party makes their way to the top as a second patrol begins to round the corner.

All but Dox and Ticking Clock hurry into the tower beside them, waiting in ambush, with Dox standing on the wall in the facade of an officer, and Ticking Clock hiding his tiny frame in the embrasures of the battlements. As the patrol begins to pass by, Ticking Clock jumps out behind the patrol, killing one with a stab through the back. Dox unsheathes his sword and strikes at the second, missing. Lelantis rounds the corner and fires at the same, missing as well. Ophinora steps out of the tower, using her bardic magic to distract the man and damage his mind with an insult, and fires her bow, piercing his skull. With the patrol dead, and soon tossed over the edge and into the western river below, the party takes up refuge within the large, circular tower in the south of the fortress.

Taking care of two guards on the ground floor, the party takes in the sight of the fortress before them. Four circular towers, two square, a large gatehouse, Two sizeable, structurally sound buildings, a granary, a collapsed stable, and at least four dozen in standing forces in sight alone. The battlements of the fort are in dilapidated state, but are clearly in a state of repair, with the rest of the buildings inside the fort in a less advanced but similar state.

Picking out the captain's quarters in the lower right, Dox heads for it with covert intent. Walking inside without trouble, he reaches a small waiting room and attempts to head inside to the captain himself, but is stopped by a guard. Unable to speak Goblin, he is forced to kill the large armored guard as quietly as possible, set him in a corner as if sleeping, and take his place armor, face, and all. After a minute and a half of eavesdropping on a conversation he is unable to comprehend, and scribbling phonetically what he can make out, Dox heads back towards the southern tower.

Deciphering Dox's notes, as he is able to understand the language, Ticking Clock relates to the rest of the party what was said. The captain within spoke to another hobgoblin, with another two guards besides. The captain had been arguing with the other hobgoblin about the lack of efficiency and skill on the part of the "devastators" in their attempts to infiltrate Waekefield. Should the devastators continue to disappoint, the captain would be forced to see to the matter himself.

With the knowledge that the fortress indeed intends harm upon the town, the party resolves to complete their mission by assassinating the captain, and possibly clearing the fortress. Ticking Clock becomes a prisoner of Dox in a ruse to enter the captain's quarters unmolested, shackled in the bounty hunter Dox's unlocked manacles. The two make their way inside the captain's quarters, while the rest of the party takes up position within the southern tower's fourth and fifth floors, with Saje watching the trap doors leading between levels.

Making their way inside, Dox and Ticking Clock pass the outer guards, enter the captain's quarters with Ticking Clock mimicking a hobgoblin's voice to the effect of having a prisoner. With the two inside, they see a particularly large hobgoblin male sat behind a rounded table, geared in plate armor, with sword and shield, and flanked by two guards in half plate similarly armed. As Dox is asked in his hobgoblin facade where he'd captured the kenku, the two panic as one is incapable of speaking hobgoblin and the other is clearly a prisoner. The two break the ruse as Ticking Clock unsheathes a hidden dagger and attacks the captain!

Failing to damage the large hobgoblin, Ticking Clock scrabbles back. Dox fires at the large commander, misses, and fires at the guards two either side. The captain, in a fit of rage, unsheathes his sword and stabs down into the kenku's arm, then slashes down, missing the other. The kenku stands, stabs the captain in the shoulder, and backflips majestically over Dox's head, landing in the doorway behind. The guards attempt to harm them both, but Dox kills the one on his right before he presents much trouble. As he takes a shot in the shoulder, the captain walks onto and off the table, and walks menacingly towards the two assassins

Outside, the three other party members listen helplessly as the events play out within. As the two guards outside begin to head inside, the party fires down upon them, and watch as the rest of the fortress begins to rouse. Watching the door of the captain's quarters and attempting to hinder any effort to reach the inside, the party can do little from within the tower.

Back inside, Dox and Ticking Clock are forced out of the captain's war room, into the waiting hall. Dox does what he can to defend his inquisitive kenku companion, taking blow after blow even as Ticking Clock is harassed and harried from the sides. With the only exit blocked by entering guards, outnumbered two-to-one, and an impressive officer enraged before them, Ticking Clock does the only thing he can think to do.

Removing the amulet of teleportation from his belongings, he takes a single breath, and drops it around Dox's neck, activating it with a single word, mimicking their dragonborn companion's word to him – "Friends." Dox is helpless as he is forced to teleport away in a flash of light, leaving the smaller, fragile inquistive behind, backed into a corner.

As the fortress wakes around them and begins to enter the captain's quarters, and the battlements begin to fill, the other three members of the party exit their tower and flee. Ophinora uses her harp to turn invisible, sensing a strange force from within the instrument even as the magic takes effect. The three party members – the rogue, the bard, and the ranger – Flee down the rope outside their tower and down the battlements to the earth below. As the walls fill up with archers above them, the three flee for their lives towards their horses, followed by Dox's canine companion, whimpering at the disappearance of his master.

Only moments later, the party is startled by the impossibly loud sound of a ringing gong, and as they look behind them, their eyes are filled with the vision of a massive pillar of light shooting out from within the fortress, undoubtedly visible for over a hundred miles in every direction. Within seconds, as they start running once more, a winged, humanoid figure bursts out from above the fortress walls behind them, and lands a few yards before them, carrying their kenku companion Ticking Clock.

As they run, the party is unable to tell just what this angelic figure travelling with them is. All except Ophinora, who instantly treats the red-winged, copper-skinned, bloody-eyed creature with intense suspicion and hostility even as Ticking Clock treats her with respect and gratitude. Filling their minds with her own thoughts as they mount up upon their horses, the figure directs them towards the corrupted western forest, comforting them with the knowledge of her power over that domain.

As the party rides hard towards the forest, mere yards away from the tree line, they are only seconds from being overtaken by dire wolf riders from the fortress. The angelic figure attempts to force Ophinora into throwing up a Wall of Thorns with her harp, but is talked down by the bard's impressive strategic skills, and instead opts to stop, and fly over the party, standing between the party and the riders behind them.

Minutes later, as the party passes the tree line and enters the forest, the figure lands upon Dox's riderless horse, exhausted and filled with arrows and sword wounds. Now casting her harp's spell, a wall of thorns erupts behind them, and the party continues on before they must stop to rest.

Ophinora finally explains her distrust of this figure, informing them of just what she is – An Erinyes, an infernal creature of fallen celestial origin, an officer in their legions and one of the more powerful of their number. Instant distrust is risen within the party, but Ticking Clock convinces them to listen. He nods to the erinyes, who first touches her forehead to the kenku's, and then casts a scene within the party's minds.

As Ticking Clock stood within the captain's quarters, surrounded and outmatched, and with his friend Dox now saved, he backed into a corner, and accepted his fate. … Until his cane landed upon an imperfection in the floor. Throug sheer, blind, and absolute brainless luck, the kenku had managed to back himself into the one corner that held a way out. A trap door. Taking this one opportunity, the kenku opened the door and fell down into the darkness below, followed quickly after by the captain himself. Panicking, the kenku searched around the dark room for any assistance, and saw it.

With a single band of runed metal bolted to the wall, covered in blood, filth, and tortured wounds, an angelic being hung before the inquisitve, helpless but powerful. Ticking Clock quickly retrieved his crowbar from his pack, lept up, and began to pry the band from the wall, waking the being. With the scene before her, and her binding weakened for the first time in her memory, the erinyes pulled free of her capture, and set upon the captain with a ferocity unmatched by any on the mortal plane. Within seconds the captain lay headless in a pull of his own blood, and the erinyes fled out of the prison with the kenku in hand. Heading up over the wall, the erinyes glided down towards her rescuer's companions, and the scene ended there.

After a few more short discussions, the erinyes had informed the party of pieces of the puzzle they had not been privy too. Councilhead Abeth's family had once owner the fortress they had just escaped from, and was attempting to take it back. The hobgoblins, for their part, were attempting to infiltrate Waekefield, and seize the whole of the region for glory and honor. The party had been thrown into the middle in an attempt by Abeth to outmaneuver the warlord herself. Another short discussion revealed to Ophinora, through the Erinyes' ability to read all languages, that the harp in her possession was a cursed item – Whenever she attempted to play it, a force within the harp would try to seize her mind, and the power of that force would grow with every spell she cast per day, resetting each dawn, until it succeeded.

With the whole picture a bit clearer to their eyes, the party finished their rest and set off once more for Waekefield.

Meanwhile, Dox through no will of his own had been teleported through the power of the amulet to an underground room. Taking quick stock of his surroundings, the bounty hunter discovered he was in a basement in the middle of Dergomal City, in an abandoned house just off the marketplace. Looking through the marketplace, Dox found an item he had used in the past – A sending paper. Using this magical item to send a message to his companions telling him his locaton, of his safety, and his intent to return to Waekefield, Dox headed off. With the discovery of wanted posters in several places of the city detailing his dress and his changeling race, Dox opted to change into his traveling clothes before seeing a contact of his within the city. Informed of his very much criminal position within Dergomal, and set up with a caravan headed towards Alsharra as a way out of the city, Dox set out to rejoin his friends, with one more sending letter to them the next morning.

Within the corrupted western forest, the party traveled south under the protection of the erinyes. A full eight hours of travel later, with Dox's message appearing in Ophinora's hands about halfway through, the party reached the edge of the forest near Waekefield. Here, the erinyes stopped to leave them. Ticking Clock immediately went to the figure, and the two spoke in their minds. As a way for the two to communicate in the future, the erinyes burned a single rune into the kenku's hand that would connect their minds at a touch. The erinyes then set off towards the infernal city of Diyu, to the east, and the party headed once more for home.

The day is the ending of 16th of Market, PI 53.

Writ of Action
The Writ of Action, given to the party by Council Head Abeth Daleheart.

Writ of Action

This writ hereby sanctions the holder(1) and any companions(hereafter referred collectively with the holder as "the holder") claimed(2) by the holder to act in accordance with the will(3) of the Council of Waekefield(4), to work in defense of the Town of Waekefield(5), and to work in the interests of the People of Waekefield(6).
Any and all action taken by the holder within the boundaries of the Waekefield Code of Law(7) are thus sanctioned and approved of by the Council of Waekefield, who will take full responsibility for the effects caused thereby.
Should the holder committ any action outside the boundaries of the Waekefield Code of Law this writ is to be considered null and void, unless the unlawful action is dismissed by the Council of Waekefield or the current Captain of the Waekefield Town Guard(8).

(1) : The bearer of this document. At time of writing, determined by Council Head Abeth Daleheart to be the changeling Dox. Subject to change at the whim of the holder.
(2) : An act determined solely by the holder.
(3) : The will of the Council of Waekefield is determined by the Council of Waekefield by any member of the Council of Waekefield.
(4) : The collective members titled the Council of Waekefield as set forth by the Charter of Waekefield.
(5) : The independent soverign township within the borders set by the Charter of Waekefield.
(6) : Those persons residing within the Town of Waekefield so long as the Town of Waekefield remains as a sovereign township.
(7) : The document detailing the system of rules created to enforce through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, referred to as The Code of Law within the Charter of Waekefield, subject to change at the discretion of the Council of Waekefield.
(8) : The person or persons placed in command of the constituted body of persons empowered by the Charter of Waekefield known as the Town Guard, and elected by vote by the Council of Waekefield.

Back in Town
Session 4

The day is 14th of Market, PI 53

The session begins with the party waking in their rooms at the Hungry Badger with the crack of dawn. Saje, the half-elven thief, sleeps a bit longer to recover from her injuries and possession the day before. After a quick breakfast, the rest of the party leaves for the council chambers, and there informs Council Head Abeth of the success of their mission. Offering the soul gem recovered from the corpse within the banshee's tomb as proof, they are rewarded with a Writ of Action, charging them with acting in the best interests of the town of Waekefield as an arm of the council.

The party continues the discussion, informing the council head of the encounter with the hobgoblin outside the corrupted forests, of their status as wanted criminals within the jurisdiction of the hobgoblins, and most everything else. Abeth is troubled, informing the party that this is something of a political nightmare. With the goblins working in Prospector's Watch and stealing their cattle, with the undead menacing the town, and now with the northern fortress reactivated under hobgoblin supervision, she declares they've committed military action against the town. She charges the party with investigating the fortress to the north, known as Fort Daleheart, and reporting back with whatever they might find. If there is an imminent threat within, such as the hobgoblins poised to strike against the town, they are to assassinate the leader. Short of that, any information, especially physical documents, is to be returned to the council as soon as possible.

The party is shortly dismissed, and go on to prepare for the journey ahead. The kenku investigator, Ticking Clock, heads for the blacksmith to have his rapier silvered, meeting up with Saje there as she came up shortly after, commissioning a shortsword and a rapier. The changeling gunslinger, Dox, pays for the use of the blacksmith's forge in creating ammo for himself, Ticking Clock, and the elven ranger, Lelantis. He then assists the blacksmith into the night on his commissions before the party as a whole returns to the inn for the night, with Saje's weapons being delivered to her before she rests.

As the party sleeps, all but the half-elven bard, Ophinora, awake to sounds outside the inn. Ophinora herself wakes moments later as a dark figure creeps in through her window. The party stirs to action, dressed in nothing but their bed clothes, and a battle ensues. Stealthing towards their windows, they see two more figures on the ground along the street. Saje takes a shot at one of the figures, and Ticking Clock follows suit, piercing a hole through one of the figures' shoulders, before summoning an axe beak from his bag of tricks, and mimicking the sound of an alarm to alert the town guard. At this point the figures toss grappling hooks up onto the windowsills of Lelantis' and Dox's rooms, with Lelantis taking a shot at both before ducking back. Ophinora, startled awake by the figure in her room, uses her bardic magic to cause dissonant whispers to haunt the mind of the figure in her window. The figure backs away, terrified, and slides down the rope away from her. The rest of the fight passes quickly, Dox taking the final shot of the fight with a bullet piercing the skull of one of the figures, as another grabs an amulet beneath his armor and disappears.

The party quickly makes their way to the ground floor and outside, finding one of the hobgoblins alive but unconscious. Tying him up, Ophinora cures the hobgoblin's wounds, and the party carries him to her room. The party proceeds to interrogate this hobgoblin, who reveals he is an assassin from the city of Dergomal charged with their death, working in the name of the Warlord, though once they ask for the Warlord's name, he bites off his own tongue. Ticking Clock informs the party the Warlord's name is Kaldurimo, to the hobgoblin's chagrin. The party discusses the night's events as the hobgoblin slowly bleeds to death, the party taking the amulet beneath his armor and identifying it as a teleportation amulet for one person. Ticking Clock, whose axebeak was killed in the fight, summons a tiger from his bag of tricks who proceeds to devour the corpse of the hobgoblin. The night's excitement at an end, the party returns to bed.

The next day, fully rested, the party heads for the stables and retrieves their horses. Saje finds her horse thankfully returned to the stables but sporting a flesh wound on its thigh. Ophinora heals the creature, with thanks from Saje, and the party mounts up. Before they leave they are hailed by a city guard who informs them that the hobgoblins have begun patrolling outside the town's borders. The party leaves, with Ophinora using her newly acquired magic harp to cause a heavy rainstorm, masking their movements. With only a single clash, which the party successfully escaped from, they continue on before the point of exhaustion to find a glade of trees, and camp out for the night within the tallest central oak.

Within an hour, Ophinora wakes to find a band of goblinoids headed for the glade. Waking her fellow party members as the band sets camp for the night in the glade, the two rogues decide on a coup de grace, with Saje casting a fog cloud spell to mask their movements. With the hobgoblin leaders sleeping beneath the central oak, Ticking Clock and Saje pilfer their pockets for more of the amulets from before, finding one on the leader. They proceed to kill each hobgoblin by slitting their throats and piercing their temples. Heading back up into the tree, Ticking Clock summons a dire weasel who proceeds to devour the hobgoblins, waking the goblins burrowed in the surrounding trees who flee at the sight. The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and the party returns to sleep, ending the session.

The day is 16th of Market, PI 53.

The Second Death of Lady Elrenna
The Party dispatches the banshee Lady Elrenna.

The party stands within the elven tomb within the dead forests west of Wakefield, three specters dead by their hand. Saje, the half-elven rogue, collapses against a wall, pale and sickly with drooping eyes and a clamminess to her skin. The bard Ophinora rushes over and checks on her, deciding through her knowledge of the arcane that Saje is suffering from a soul sickness after the specters used their leeching touch to momentarily separate her soul from her body. Leaving their rogue to rest, the group investigates the rest of the tomb.

A few minutes pass before Saje has fallen into unconsciousness. A few minutes more, and her head lifts and her colorless, empty eyes open. She speaks, her voice overlayed with an ethereal sound outside of the mortal realm. "You have disturbed my tomb. A piece of me is missing. Give it back." The party questions further, revealing the spirit possessing Saje to be none other than Lady Elrenna, ruler over the forests around them centuries before, as well as the fact that the hobgoblin corpse laying upon the floor of the tomb held the "Piece" of her that was missing – A medallion of the Bastion of Dergomal, holding a single soul gem in its center. Little more is decided as the banshee fails in tricking the party to return the piece to her with deceptions of safety.

The party refuses to take the bait, and a fight ensues, with the banshee's form rising from her sarcophagus at the far end of the tomb as the tomb's doors slam and seal shut. The battle lasts mere moments, with her necrotic claws wrenching life from the party's bones, and the party using holy oils to combat the undead spirit. The changeling gunslinger Dox is the one to finish Lady Elrenna off with his pistol in her wailing maw and an infused holy bullet piercing through the back of her throat, sending ripples of holy energy that shatter her spirit to the astral winds.

The party lays down to rest for the remainder of the night, with the kenku investigator known for the sound of a Ticking Clock alerting the rest of the group to Saje's awakening. Saje has recovered remarkably well, and the group decides to investigate the banshee's sarcophagus. Breaking a trap set within the lid and prying it open with Ticking Clock's crowbar, the party discovers several pieces of jewelry – Among them a silver ring set with a moonstone, matching the locket they found within Prospector's Watch. To the kenku's knowledge, he remembers the story of a locket, a ring, and a mirror, together unlocking something hidden to the mists of time. The party discovers a false bottom to the sarcophagus, revealing a vault beneath filled with thousands of coins and several useful magical items.

As the party readies to leave, an elven ranger by the name of Lelantis has heard the wailing of the banshee from miles away, and left to investigate. Arriving upon the closed tomb with a cemetery filled with scattered elven bones and opened graves, her attempts to enter the tomb. After a short discussion across the heavily closed doors, the party manages to open them, speak with the elven ranger, and leave for town once more, joined by Lelantis.

As the party leaves the forest, they are ambushed at the tree line – A group of goblins with a hobgoblin at their head with similar gear to the two hobgoblins they've already found. The hobgoblin accuses the party of murdering both the hobgoblin at the tower, and the hobgoblin at the tomb. The bard attempts to talk down the hobgoblin as the goblins around him take aim with their bows at the various members of the party. The discussion becomes heated, with the hobgoblin demanding both the medallion that held the soul gem from the hobgoblin within the tomb, and a magical harp that the bard had found within the vault beneath it. She refuses, and a fight breaks out. The party dispatches the hobgoblin easily, as well as one goblin scout, and the four remaining goblins flee in separate directions. The party is left with little choice but to return to town with the news.

The party returns to town after midnight, heading to the Hungry Badger and informing the innkeeper there, Cailyn, also a member of the council, that the undead problem had been solved. They are given free room and board for the night until they are able to report to council head Abeth. Before heading to bed, the bard Ophinora attempts to find some company for the night, failing miserably with a young guardsman who suspects she is trying to pick his pocket. She returns to the inn alone and defeated as the rest of the party rests comfortably in their own rooms.

The Story so Far
A brief overview of what's happened thus far in the campaign!

When Last We Left Our Heroes

The story so far has left our heroes within an ancient elven crypt, facing off against three powerful specters, with one party member on her last legs as a specter drains her of her life force. To get here, the party had already met up at the stereotypical inn, cleansed a dungeon of it goblin denizens, and saved a town from a skeletal attack.

To begin, we come upon our first adventurer – A changeling by the name of Dox. Dressed in midnight black, the young man sits quietly at the bar of an inn, in the town of Waekefield. Settled down with a pint of ale, the man hears a ruckus outside that follows up to the door of the quiet inn, before it enters with a grumble. A dragonborn, a rare sight in the lands of Vennar, walks in quietly but not inconspicuously – The scaled man is geared in the armor of a paladin, his holy symbol apparent on his chest. The large creature sits beside Dox, and not long after the few discover they already know each other. Dox had once worked with the dragonborn and his partner, a lizardman that Dox had lost in the forest to the east. Before long, the two had overheard talk of missing cattle from the farms to the east, the talk exacerbated by a young half-elf woman who bribed out further information with drink and sweet words. Before long, the young woman had left for the bounty board, followed not far behind by the two men. Meeting at the board, the three agreed to work together to find the missing cattle, take care of a bounty on goblin heads, and returned back to town for the money. They also learned the name of the young rogue – Saje.

They group set off after haggling with a ragged old alchemist for healing potions, and left east for the forests at the foot of a short mountain range. Traveling through the corrupted and dying forests, ever watchful but unmolested, the group came upon a strange, hooded figure that copied their voices. Without much further issue, they brought the figure into their group to go after the bounty, learning from the creature that a group of goblins had taken up refuge in an old watchtower to the south.

Coming upon a bridge over a short river between them and the tower, they stopped and took note of their surroundings. Goblins infested the tower, keeping watch outside and atop the fortifications above. It was clear the old wooden tower that had stood before the Infernal invasion of the land had been fortified with stone in recent days, with crude tools and understanding.

Without much delay save to plan and commit, the group attacked the goblins outside the tower, killing each before they could run inside for back up. Understanding that the calls of the goblins and the sounds of battle would alert those inside, and hurrying to stay out of sight of the archers above, the group moved inside the tower. Bursting in, the group slew the few goblins on the ground floor and shuffled inside. There they found a store room with a modest amount of loot. With a stairwell down and a ladder up, the dragonborn investigated down the stairwell, coming face to face with a swarm of rats kept barely at bay by a simple fire upon the ground, both held within a sizeable earthen basement, recently dug out. Not wanting to take the swarm on alone, he hurried back up to the ground floor to find Dox and the figure, now revealed to be a Kenku named for the sound of a Ticking Clock, hurrying up to the next floor of the tower, and taking care of further goblins and a few giant rats.

Struggling with a trap door, Dox and Kenku failed to budge what the dragonborn simply walked up to and smacked open. Soon enough, the group was up upon the third and final floor of the tower, face-to-face with several goblin archers atop the fortifications of the tower. Ending the fight swiftly, the group took note of their surroundings, scavenged what valuables they could from the goblin corpses, and took the ears of each goblin they'd killed thus far before heading down below.

Dox led the group down to the basement, told of its contents by the paladin. Taking on the swarm of rats with his revealed arcane gunslinging abilities, the swarm of rats was quickly reduced to much smaller numbers, though the changeling himself was harmed with the final blast, miscalculating the range at which he'd been shooting. The group met up down below, and cleared out the room before moving on to the next.

The group found two more goblins, these ones well-armed and armored, and militarily trained. The two veteran goblins put up a fight, and the group took quite the beating, but in the end the party came out victorious over the two enemies and collected themselves before heading down the finally stairway of the basement below the tower.

Finally, the party came upon a sizeable library, built of stone and proper materials rather than the dug out, earthen tunnels of the basement above. In the corner opposite the stairway, surrounded by book shelves and standing above a ritual circle, was a hobgoblin clad in scaled armor with a greatsword upon his back, chanting words in a language unknown to the party. A great battle ensued, with the paladin falling unconscious from a blow across the left side of his face with the hobgoblin's greatsword. Right before the goblinoid warrior could end the life of the young Saje, the kenku inquisitive pierced the warrior's back with his rapier, and Dox shot out the head of the fiend, the Hobgoblin crumpling to the ground before them.

With a little investigation, Ticking Clock discovered a secret doorway at the bottom of the stairs along the wall, and upon finding the book that was keyed to the doorway, the party found within a small chamber holding piles of gold, silver, and copper, left over from the prospectors that once called the tower their own. Among the riches within, the party also found a silver locket – Locked by some magic, but beautiful and set with a single moonstone gem.

The party healed their newly scarred paladin and returned to town with their riches, goblin ears, and the remains of the hobgoblin's head. Upon their return, however, they found the town had been attacked by a force of undead, nearly all skeletal in nature. Finding their way to the council building, they turned in their ears for the bounty, gained further reward from the hobgoblin leader's head, and gained a new quest from the council head – Abeth Daleheart. They were charged with discovering the source of the undead force, and ending whatever caused the attack. The group agreed, in exchange for monetary gain and free room and board at any inn within the town's borders.

The next morning, after having slept at the the same inn for the night, the group began preparing for the fight ahead of them. Once they'd left the inn, however, shouts and cries brought them up short just in time to notice two horses running straight for them, and a group of animated skeletons attacking a farmer's wagon. Taking quick action, Dox grabbed the reigns of one fleeing horse, reigning her in and charging back towards the wagon. Saje, meanwhile, had snuck back to the wagon while Dox was busy, and had successfully attacked a skeleton from the shadows, injuring it greatly before Dox galloped back and shot it through the skull. Together, the two adventurers took at the group of skeletons and saved the town from further harm at their hands.

The group continued on, preparing for their journey. Dox purchased holy oil, Saje sharpened her weapons, and Ticking Clock prepared his own equipment at the inn. The dragonborn paladin split from the group, deciding to stay in the town and take care of the injured from the attack the day before. With their preparations set, the group agreed to travel through the night, so they might come upon their quarry in the morning, and patrolled the borders of the town through the day, taking out several groups of skeletal warriors in that time.

Before leaving, the group hired their own horses and ponies, traveling out from the town and heading to the west, towards rumors of an ancient elven cemetery deep in the corrupted forests. On their way the group came upon a half-elven woman, dressed in the clothes of a bard with a drum and lute, riding upon her own horse towards town. After introductions and a quick discussion, the bard, named Ophinara, decided to join them and the party made their way west once again.

Encountering some resistance in the form of further skeletal warriors, the party came upon the cemetery of the elves. The walled in cemetery was indeed ancient, at least a few centuries old, and the gates had been broken inwards. Inside the cemetery, the party could see dozens of more skeletal warriors, each wielding weaponry older than any they'd seen, with the occasional member of the horde wandering out of the cemetery and heading out of the confines of the surrounding glade. With the sun newly risen, the party hurried towards the entrance of the cemetery, and headed in – At first, only the first few skeletal warriors nearest the gate had noticed them, before before long with the sounds of battle raging on, the rest of the horde took notice and hurried towards them. Dox stayed to fight as the rest of the party circled 'round to the side of the cemetery holding a large crypt, Dox making use of his skills and shooting out large explosions to reduce the undead numbers. As he saw the rest of his party jump the fence, and as the undead began to pile up and block their own numbers in the gateway, Dox used the opportunity to escape and followed the rest of his fellows, jumping the fence near the crypt.

The party then found themselves near the doors of the elven crypt, which were stuck shut. Using a crowbar and combined muscle of the group, the doors were unstuck and opened inward, without the rush of stagnant air so normal with unopened tombs. It became clear why quite soon, as through the misty interior they soon found the body of another hobgoblin warrior, pale faced and very very dead, bleeding from the ears. Ticking Clock looked over the corpse and, disturbing the body, removed something from it. Before the rest of the party could stop him, a wail erupted from within the crypt, and soon three specters rose from the sarcophagi along the walls and set upon the party. The party fought back, and Saje was heavily injured by the grasp of a specter, her life force being stolen from her very being before the session came to a close.

The next installment is soon to come, and hopefully will see the death of the specters and further clues about the dead hobgoblin, the elven cemetery, and the skeletal warriors.

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