Age of Arcana

Writ of Action

The Writ of Action, given to the party by Council Head Abeth Daleheart.

Writ of Action

This writ hereby sanctions the holder(1) and any companions(hereafter referred collectively with the holder as "the holder") claimed(2) by the holder to act in accordance with the will(3) of the Council of Waekefield(4), to work in defense of the Town of Waekefield(5), and to work in the interests of the People of Waekefield(6).
Any and all action taken by the holder within the boundaries of the Waekefield Code of Law(7) are thus sanctioned and approved of by the Council of Waekefield, who will take full responsibility for the effects caused thereby.
Should the holder committ any action outside the boundaries of the Waekefield Code of Law this writ is to be considered null and void, unless the unlawful action is dismissed by the Council of Waekefield or the current Captain of the Waekefield Town Guard(8).

(1) : The bearer of this document. At time of writing, determined by Council Head Abeth Daleheart to be the changeling Dox. Subject to change at the whim of the holder.
(2) : An act determined solely by the holder.
(3) : The will of the Council of Waekefield is determined by the Council of Waekefield by any member of the Council of Waekefield.
(4) : The collective members titled the Council of Waekefield as set forth by the Charter of Waekefield.
(5) : The independent soverign township within the borders set by the Charter of Waekefield.
(6) : Those persons residing within the Town of Waekefield so long as the Town of Waekefield remains as a sovereign township.
(7) : The document detailing the system of rules created to enforce through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, referred to as The Code of Law within the Charter of Waekefield, subject to change at the discretion of the Council of Waekefield.
(8) : The person or persons placed in command of the constituted body of persons empowered by the Charter of Waekefield known as the Town Guard, and elected by vote by the Council of Waekefield.



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