Age of Arcana

The day is 14th of Market, PI 53

The session begins with the party waking in their rooms at the Hungry Badger with the crack of dawn. Saje, the half-elven thief, sleeps a bit longer to recover from her injuries and possession the day before. After a quick breakfast, the rest of the party leaves for the council chambers, and there informs Council Head Abeth of the success of their mission. Offering the soul gem recovered from the corpse within the banshee's tomb as proof, they are rewarded with a Writ of Action, charging them with acting in the best interests of the town of Waekefield as an arm of the council.

The party continues the discussion, informing the council head of the encounter with the hobgoblin outside the corrupted forests, of their status as wanted criminals within the jurisdiction of the hobgoblins, and most everything else. Abeth is troubled, informing the party that this is something of a political nightmare. With the goblins working in Prospector's Watch and stealing their cattle, with the undead menacing the town, and now with the northern fortress reactivated under hobgoblin supervision, she declares they've committed military action against the town. She charges the party with investigating the fortress to the north, known as Fort Daleheart, and reporting back with whatever they might find. If there is an imminent threat within, such as the hobgoblins poised to strike against the town, they are to assassinate the leader. Short of that, any information, especially physical documents, is to be returned to the council as soon as possible.

The party is shortly dismissed, and go on to prepare for the journey ahead. The kenku investigator, Ticking Clock, heads for the blacksmith to have his rapier silvered, meeting up with Saje there as she came up shortly after, commissioning a shortsword and a rapier. The changeling gunslinger, Dox, pays for the use of the blacksmith's forge in creating ammo for himself, Ticking Clock, and the elven ranger, Lelantis. He then assists the blacksmith into the night on his commissions before the party as a whole returns to the inn for the night, with Saje's weapons being delivered to her before she rests.

As the party sleeps, all but the half-elven bard, Ophinora, awake to sounds outside the inn. Ophinora herself wakes moments later as a dark figure creeps in through her window. The party stirs to action, dressed in nothing but their bed clothes, and a battle ensues. Stealthing towards their windows, they see two more figures on the ground along the street. Saje takes a shot at one of the figures, and Ticking Clock follows suit, piercing a hole through one of the figures' shoulders, before summoning an axe beak from his bag of tricks, and mimicking the sound of an alarm to alert the town guard. At this point the figures toss grappling hooks up onto the windowsills of Lelantis' and Dox's rooms, with Lelantis taking a shot at both before ducking back. Ophinora, startled awake by the figure in her room, uses her bardic magic to cause dissonant whispers to haunt the mind of the figure in her window. The figure backs away, terrified, and slides down the rope away from her. The rest of the fight passes quickly, Dox taking the final shot of the fight with a bullet piercing the skull of one of the figures, as another grabs an amulet beneath his armor and disappears.

The party quickly makes their way to the ground floor and outside, finding one of the hobgoblins alive but unconscious. Tying him up, Ophinora cures the hobgoblin's wounds, and the party carries him to her room. The party proceeds to interrogate this hobgoblin, who reveals he is an assassin from the city of Dergomal charged with their death, working in the name of the Warlord, though once they ask for the Warlord's name, he bites off his own tongue. Ticking Clock informs the party the Warlord's name is Kaldurimo, to the hobgoblin's chagrin. The party discusses the night's events as the hobgoblin slowly bleeds to death, the party taking the amulet beneath his armor and identifying it as a teleportation amulet for one person. Ticking Clock, whose axebeak was killed in the fight, summons a tiger from his bag of tricks who proceeds to devour the corpse of the hobgoblin. The night's excitement at an end, the party returns to bed.

The next day, fully rested, the party heads for the stables and retrieves their horses. Saje finds her horse thankfully returned to the stables but sporting a flesh wound on its thigh. Ophinora heals the creature, with thanks from Saje, and the party mounts up. Before they leave they are hailed by a city guard who informs them that the hobgoblins have begun patrolling outside the town's borders. The party leaves, with Ophinora using her newly acquired magic harp to cause a heavy rainstorm, masking their movements. With only a single clash, which the party successfully escaped from, they continue on before the point of exhaustion to find a glade of trees, and camp out for the night within the tallest central oak.

Within an hour, Ophinora wakes to find a band of goblinoids headed for the glade. Waking her fellow party members as the band sets camp for the night in the glade, the two rogues decide on a coup de grace, with Saje casting a fog cloud spell to mask their movements. With the hobgoblin leaders sleeping beneath the central oak, Ticking Clock and Saje pilfer their pockets for more of the amulets from before, finding one on the leader. They proceed to kill each hobgoblin by slitting their throats and piercing their temples. Heading back up into the tree, Ticking Clock summons a dire weasel who proceeds to devour the hobgoblins, waking the goblins burrowed in the surrounding trees who flee at the sight. The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and the party returns to sleep, ending the session.

The day is 16th of Market, PI 53.



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